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A collection of tasks (not limited to programming) that we could use help with. Great for newcomers to the project!


  • FAQ: Go through the Geeklog FAQ, find and update all articles referring to the old config.php file, which has since been replaced with the web-based Configuration Admin panel.
  • Review installation instructions. Compare with the typical installation problems people are having and add / update the instructions accordingly.


(Programming tasks are collected in our Bugtracker. We need to extract those that we feel are easy and doable tasks and list them here.) (Or we could simply tag those issues in the bugtracker directly - use a tag like "easy" or "beginner".)


  • We are looking for a replacement for the aging kses HTML filter. Find and evaluate alternatives.


  • We could use a new default theme ...
    • Alternatively: Clean up the default Professional theme. For example, there is a 1-2 pixel wide gap between the header and the blocks / site content. It could also use some help from someone with an eye for font sizes and spacing.
  • Links cleanup: Go through our Links section and report sites that are no longer running Geeklog (or don't work at all).

Marketing and such

  • When you click to download OpenOffice.org, you are taken to this page that explains how you can contribute to OOo. Design a similar page for Geeklog.
  • Design a flyer / handout (for inspiration, here's an old flyer and a poster that can also be used as a flyer).


Geeklog has been translated into quite a few languages. However, not all of the translations are up to date. Do you speak one of these languages?

  • update an existing language file (look for untranslated English phrases)
    • many of the plugin language files have not been translated at all (and they are much smaller than the main language file)
  • or create a new translation for a language that's not available yet