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A short TODO is below that includes short term work. Obviously there is much more to do than what is listed. Please contact Tony of Vinny (geeklog-devtalk [AT]lists [DOT] geeklog [DOT] net) if your interested in doing any work (either one of the tasks below, or anything else).

  1. Decide on a license.
  2. Complete the ACL list implementation
  3. Implement Translation2. Translation2 is support natively by Flexy, we need to implment the Admin UI and figure out how to translate things in the gl2_list_item table and ensure the submit buttons inside the Flexy templates can be translated.
  4. RDBMS Support
    • MySQL (default, Tony owns)
    • PostgreSQL
    • Microsoft SQL Server
  5. Complete the Action Manager (coded, untested)
  6. Add PEAR::HTTP_Session2 Support (implemented, needs testing)
  7. Official Documentation
  8. Account Management (started, only supports login, needs account registration and other methods added)
  9. PHPUnit Test Scripts (really, really, really need someone to take ownership here)
  10. Begin creating plugins
    • Comment Plugin (Vinny has dibs on this)
    • Workflow Plugin
    • RSS Plugin
    • Link Plugin (started, still needs help)
    • Block Plugin (started, still needs help)
    • Article Plugin
    • Calendar Plugin
    • Poll Plugin
  11. Create Desktop Administration Tool. This will use the Geeklog 2 kernel via SOAP and will be written either in .NET (mono) or Java.