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Below is the set of developer tools recommended for Geeklog 2. While all of this is subject to the approval of each developer, we feel these tools will help your productivity immensely. You can assume all the products listed below will run under both Linux and Windows unless otherwise noted.

  1. Zend Studio - This is the Zend Integrated Development Environment. It has a free 30 day trial after which some features turn off. Many of the most useful features (i.e. debugging, CVS access, etc) are always available.
  2. MySQL Administrator - This is a great tool for configuring the MySQL service. Note that Geeklog 2 aims to be database agnostic but we will concentrate most developers effort towards MySQL.
  3. MySQL Query Browser - This is a tool for running ad-hoc queries against all MySQL databases installed on your system. This tool will give you quick access to the schema, data and will even let you optimize your queries.
  4. pgAdmin - pgAdmin is the PostgreSQL equivalent of both MySQL Administrator and MySQL Query Browser. Those developers wishing to help us with our PostgreSQL support are encouraged to use this.
  5. Propel - While having intimate knowledge of Propel is not a requirement, not understanding it will make it hard for those developers wanting the freedom of being able to make database changes and then build the domain objects.
  6. Chatzilla - Geeklog 1.3.x and 2.x developers often congregate at in #geeklog while doing development. This provides a great way to chat with other developers about Geeklog development. Chatzilla requires that you use either the Mozilla or Firefox browser.