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As the name suggest, the Who's Online Block lists all currently active users of your Geeklog site.

Strictly speaking, it only lists all currently active sessions - which does not mean that the user represented by that session is still viewing the site. Due to the stateless nature of HTTP, Geeklog has no way of knowing if a user is still on the site or if they simply closed their browser window.

So the contents of this block should only be taken as an indication about which and how many users visited your site within the last few minutes.

The camera icon Smallcamera.png next to a user's name indicates that this user has uploaded a user photo (aka avatar). The user name also links to the user's profile page, where you can view that user photo, if available.


Anonymous Users

Anonymous users, i.e. visitors without an account or those that haven't logged in (yet), will be counted for the time set with the $_CONF['whosonline_threshold'] option in your config.php:

// How long an anonymous (guest) user session is good for
$_CONF['whosonline_threshold'] = 300; // in seconds

Hiding registered users from anonymous visitors

If you don't want any random visitor of your site to be able to see who is or has been online, you can hide that information by using this option:

// If set to 1, don't show names of registered users to anonymous users
$_CONF['whosonline_anonymous'] = 0; // 1 = don't show names to anon. users

Hiding yourself from all users

If you would rather not show up in the Who's Online block with your name, visit the My Account page and on the Privacy tab, uncheck the option Show Online Status.

Once you saved your account settings, you will only be counted as an anonymous user of the site, even when you're logged in.