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A raw list of changes for a specific Geeklog version can be retrieved from our Bugtracker with the script described here:


  • You need the script listchanges.php from our Tool repository (and all the other *.php files from the "mantis" directory).
  • You need to run a PHP version that has SOAP support compiled in.
  • You need an account on the bugtracker.

Running the script

You can run the script from the command line like so:

php listchanges.php --user=your-name --password=your-password

(obviously replacing "your-name" and "your-password" with your real username and password of your bugtracker account)

The script will take a while and eventually print a list of changes, e.g.

- Plugins cannot set the $_SCRIPTS file if they use plugin_getfooter_foo (bug
  #0001383) [Tom]
- [code] tag no longer escapes content properly (bug #0001368) [Dirk]

Lines are already wrapped to 80 characters, so that they can be copied directly into the Changelog. However, most of the time, you should probably edit the description.


  • For patches, the script will not recognize the person who submitted the patch and will instead credit the person to whom the issue was assigned (i.e. usually the person who applied the patch). Please fix that in the actual history file. We want to give credit where credit is due!

Command Line Options

The options to pass the username and password are required. The script also accepts the following optional command line options:

  • --version=1.2.3 (default: 2.0.0)
    Specify the version number for which to get the changes.
  • --per-page=33 (default: 25)
    The Mantis SOAP API won't give us all the changes for a given version at once. Instead, we must request "pages" of changes. There seems to be a limit to the number of entries per page, but it isn't specified anywhere and has changed between Mantis releases. Currently, it seems to be somewhere below 50, so 25 is a safe default. The script would run faster with larger values, though.
  • --project=Nettools (default: Geeklog)
    The name of the project in the bugtracker for which to get the changes.