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This is an old project idea for our (now defunct) sister project, AptitudeCMS (aka Geeklog 2). This project outline is therefore only of historical interest and you can not apply for this project in future instances of the Google Summer of Code. Please see our ideas page for a current list of GSoC project ideas.


The internet contains nearly as much Spam as it does HTML. A new generation of web applications must start out from their infancy iron-clad with defences against Spam. Geeklog2 is no exception. The objective of this project is to develop a plugin for the Geeklog2 system to provide spam filtering.


  • Implement a Geeklog2 plugin to provide an API for spam filtering
  • Include an extensible framework (like Spam-X) for extending the abilities of the spam filter
  • Include modules to support key anti-spam systems including
    • LinkSleeve
    • Akismet
    • Project Honey Pot
    • SWOT
    • Local blacklists
    • Bad Behavior

Level of Difficulty


The Spam-X approach, with the full OO world of PHP5 seems to be a good base approach, and we have code to talk to the above listed key anti-spam projects largely available. However, ensuring this is a performant, scaleable, extensible, maintainable and well implemented solution may pose some challenges.

Further Reading