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Author Blaine Lang - Based on the FAQ Application by Stephen Ball
Latest Version 0.8 Beta 1
Geeklog Version 1.3.7
Release Date Mar 9, 2003
Description The FAQ Manager allows you to create categories and topics for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's).
Features The FAQ editor:
  • allows you to enter full HTML
  • it supports embedded PHP
  • it ncludes the integrated install, de-install, administration, security, search all wrapped inside the Geeklog portal

Stephen Ball has granted me (Blaine Lang) permission to distribute his application and remove his copy write notices and restrictions that the original application is distributed with. This now provides a nicely integrated plugin.

In completing the integration, I added the logic to support magic_quotes being ON or OFF in the hosted PHP environment. The original 2.0 release of the application required magic_quotes to be on.

The FAQ Manager uses it's own and different template method then Geeklog. I have not looked at changing this or allowing the plugin to support different templates per theme. I have done considerable customization of the templates to provide a tighter integration with Geeklog

This is a BETA Release so please report any problems or feedback on my site's forum. [Forum]

Faqman License

Faqman New Installation

Using the FAQ Manager plugin