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Note: You need to manually create the plugin program directories and copy the program files into their appropriate directories.

Step 0. Database backup

Make a backup of your current geeklog database using the built-in admin feature. Verify your backup feature is configured correctly and backup file is not 0 bytes (This is worth a check)

Step 1. Copy plugin files into their required directories

Uncompress the archive files into your <geeklog_dir>/plugins directory. It will create a faqman directory and associated subdirectories for the files. You will need to move the files in the admin and public subdirectories to their appropriate directory as indicated below.

1.1 public_html/ - Main program files

The files in the public directory under your new plugins/faqman folder need to be copied to <geeklog_dir>/public_html/faqman directory

You will need to first create the:

<geeklog_dir>/public_html/faqman directory

1.2 admin/ - Plugin Install and Main admin program files

The files in the admin directory under your new plugins/faqman folder need to be copied to <geeklog_dir>/public_html/admin/plugins/faqman directory.

You will need to first create the:

<geeklog_dir>/public_html/admin/plugins/faqman directory

1.3 Directory and File Permissions

Directory and File owner should be same as webserver

All the files and directories should have Read permissions and directories need execute. Setting all plugin files and directories to have read + execute should not be a security issue but PHP files only need read access to execute. The directories need execute rights in order for them to be searched or accessed

Step 2. Run the install program

2.1 Logged in as admin

As of Geeklog 1.3.7 - Plugins can now be installed directly from the Plugins Editor.

Geeklog will list all installed plugins and show those that are not installed with a link.

All plugin files must be in place first

OR: In your browser, go to http://your_geeklog_url/admin/plugins/faqman/install.php

Note: The installer is designed to back out any database changes if there should be an error. You can monitor the installer by viewing the error.log, file <geeklog_dir>/logs/error.log

2.2 Verify successful operation

  • Did you get a successful completion message that your database tables have been created?
  • There should now be a faqman link in your top header.
  • As admin, you should see the "faqman" menu item in the "Admins Block"

2.3 Check the install logging in the <geeklog_dir>/logs/error.log file

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